"Without you, there is no Dog Beach." 

-founder Martin Senat

The Preservation Society of Huntington Dog Beach is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, operating in the City of Huntington Beach, California as Huntington Beach Dog Beach.


We strive to PRESERVE the “Off Leash Optional” status of Dog Beach for our canine companions so they can run and PLAY on sand and surf to their hearts’ content by providing the resources, education, and programs needed to PICK UP after everyone and their dog.

HISTORY:  Our founder, Martin Senat, campaigned for years to get City Council to approve the use of the 1.5 mile stretch of beach between Goldenwest and Seapoint as an “Off-Leash Optional” beach for dogs. In 1998 the PSHDB was founded by Senat. The Preservation Society of Huntington Dog Beach is self-funded and relies solely on donations.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Thanks to the City of Huntington Beach, the PSHDB is able to monitor and keep the beach clean so dogs will be able to play to their hearts' content. We keep 22 “Doggy Bag” dispensers located on the bike path between the Pier and Seapoint stocked by refilling them twice per week. Dog Beach visitors use over 3,000 biodegradable Doggy Waste Bags daily. This is our highest single expense, but has proven to be the most effective method to helping keep the dog beach areas clean. We work diligently to provide a pleasant environment for our patrons and to educate them on Dog Beach ettiquette.

LOCATION: We are so fortunate to have beaches where we can enjoy the fresh outdoors with no worries of being too close to anyone unless we choose to. Huntington Beach is a special place because we have Dog Beach – a mile and a half stretch of sand located off Pacific Coast Highway between Goldenwest and Seapoint where our canine companions are welcome to run and play off leash.

PRESENT: Thanks to Dog Beach patrons following the social distancing guidelines, the Dog Beach Parking Lots are open. The Dog Beach itself was only closed for five (5) days in May of 2020. Although we have had to postpone our weekly Dog Beach Clean-Ups for the past few months, our patrons have been very responsible in picking up any waste or trash and disposing of it properly. We are very grateful! We have very few volunteers at this time, and we work hard to monitor the beach, but couldn't do it without the help of our Dog Beach community.

DONATIONS NEEDED: The PRESERVATION SOCIETY OF HUNTINGTON DOG BEACH IS A 501(c)3 NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION THAT RELIES ON DONATIONS AND VOLUNTEERS TO KEEP THE BEACH OPEN FOR DOGS. To discuss how you and/or your organization can make a major contribution and partner with Dog Beach,  please contact us at 714-841-8644 or email HuntingtonBeachDogBeach@gmail.com. Donations are tax deductible (33-0796910) to the extent allowable by law and support the mission of the Preservation Society of Huntington Dog Beach to provide safe, clean, dog-friendly beach access.  

Thank you for your support.